Convertible Baby Car Seats Pros

baby car seat Malaysia

One of the many types of baby car seat Malaysia is the convertible car seat. If you are a first-timer like you are a new parent, you might not be familiar with car seats yet, or maybe, you are not yet aware of how important it is to have one for your newborn. 

Car seats can protect the life of your baby, especially since road accidents seem to happen on a daily basis. I am sure this is worldwide considering the news. You will even find that in some countries, having a car seat for a baby up to a certain age is required, and you will be penalized if you don’t abide. 

Yes, there are many types of baby car seats, as what is mentioned above and, on this page, you will be informed why choosing a convertible type of a baby car seat Malaysia might be more beneficial. 

So, what are the many pros of choosing a convertible type of baby car seat? Check this out:

baby car seat Malaysia

  • You can say that it is cost-effective. Why? This is because the convertible type can be used for a longer period of time. You see, the other types like the infant car seat are purely designed for infants and can be used for a year only or maybe two if the child is not that tall. The bottom line is, that there is a limit on weight and height. So, if your child is heavier than the usual, chances are you will need to buy a new car seat sooner. 
  • Even if you will get the infant car seat, in time you will still need to buy the convertible version as this type can have the child rear-facing or forward-facing. So, in the end, you still need to spend such an amount. Why not do it right away so you won’t have to buy the infant car seat? You can then save money in the process. You will save space as well. Sometimes, what can make our place messy is the things we don’t need anymore, but we cannot dispose of them as well. 
  • According to the stats, the convertible car seat type is actually better for the child. It has some added protection even for infants. With this in your car, you will surely have peace of mind while driving and there will be no need for you to be preoccupied. After all, you need to focus on the road. 
  • Yes, the convertible type is not portable. But then again, your baby is growing, and having him in a car seat outside the car can be taxing. There are other carriers that are designed for this and they are better to use. Besides, according to the experts, it is quite risky to carry a child in a car seat outside your car.

It does not mean though that the infant car seat is not a good idea. It is still best for infants. Only it will be more costly.