Laminar Flow Hoods – What You Must Know

A medical lab will need just the right pieces of equipment for it to be functional. Depending on the kind of research and experiments the lab will do, it will either use a fume hood or a laminar flow Malaysia. Yes, both types of hoods are important in every lab. Both can be used as … Read more

The Silent Issue: Fatty Liver

fatty liver medicine malaysia

Fatty liver is quite a serious issue in Malaysia, one quarter of the adult population does suffer from the disease. Having fat build up around the liver is normal if kept around 5% of the liver’s weight, but once it goes above that or up to 10%, it becomes a serious issue. The two main … Read more

Lab Designing Services: We Are Malaysia

Lab Designing Services is a Malaysian company established in 2004. Today, Lab Designs is one of the leading lab designing services in Malaysia. The company offers a wide range of lab-related services like medical and dental labs, manufacturing service labs, industrial design labs, scientific laboratories and many more. Lab Designing Services provides services related to … Read more