Watoto Children’s Choir Dazzles SEGians

The world-famous Watoto Children’s Choir from Uganda performed a one-night only concert at SEGi University.

The Watoto Children’s Choir is a group of children who are cared for by Watoto Child Care Ministries, an international organisation that cares for Africa’s children orphaned or abandoned as a result of HIV/AIDS or poverty. Currently they care for over 2,000 Ugandan children in the children’s villages where every child is raised in a family setting, rather than an orphanage institution. The Watoto Children’s Choir tours the world annually as advocates for the 18 million African children in need of assistance and to also allow the opportunity for the children to discover the world.

During the concert, the children shared their story of growing up in Uganda and how people can help them. It was an eye-opening experience for al who attended the event as they got to experience Ugandan culture and also to learn how they can help African children. At the end of the day, RM16,080.00 was raised for the Watoto Children’s Choir.