Story Telling Session

Date: 26th August 2017
Time: 10.30 am – 12.30pm
Venue: Little Giraffe Book Club, Bt. 11, Cheras

FOUR DECE students, together with their lecturer, Ms Chan Yi Bing were invited to have a story telling session at the above mentioned venue. They are Sabrina Chow Kar Mun, Jessica See Kai-Lynn, Sumaiya Jannat and Lai Yan Ting. As this as a good opportunity for the Diploma students to have an exposure in getting close contact with the community, these students were anticipated and excited about the whole event.

The story: The Curly Porcupine is a story that talks about the importance of self-worth. This team aimed to bring awareness to children about valuing themselves as special individual and to embrace their differentness and strengths that may be different from the others. The beauty of the whole story telling session was that parents or guardians would be sitting alongside their children and model the positive attitude towards language and literature. Throughout the story, children were invited to participate in the acting as well as to interact as much as possible. Both parents and children enjoyed the session as the message of the story was further enhanced through the origami folding activity.

Diploma students from SEGi University got the chances to showcase their talent and potential in connecting with children from community. They were given the chance to practice flexibility and creativity when things didn’t appear in the way they expected. They were positive and glad to experience the interactive story telling session with the children and parents.

For further information about this event, you may want to log in to their face account: Little Giraffe Book Club for more photos.