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Our SEGi MBA programmes have achieved international-level
excellence and strong regional relevance with 6 SPECIALIZATIONS,

Industry Relevant

SEGi's Master in Financial Planning programme in collaboration
with Malaysian Financial Planning Council is INDUSTRY RELEVANT.
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What Our Industry Partners Have To Say

  • You can be comforted in the knowledge a head of you are cohorts of people now in the workforce who came  through SEGI and they  got a great education at the end of it.

Student Testimonials

SEGi's DBA programme complemented my then 22 years of working experience as an engineer and a manager. The comprehensive learning experience has contributed to my understanding of professional practices and enhanced

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my personal development as a business practitioner. I am truly honoured with my achievements at SEGi and am indebted to the programme facilitators as SEGi for their guidance and support.

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Dr Ling Chen Hoe

The environment at SEGi is very conducive and the professors are very friendly. These are the reasons that make me love this university and this country. Segi has widen my horizons beyond the confines of a classroom.

Dong Jia Yi

It's my pleasure to be a student of SEGI University, from MBA till DrBA, with the help of my supervisor and GSB lectures. Both my knowledge and skills growth rapidly. I enjoy here, that why after graduate MBA, I taken DrBA here again.

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I believe I can be better me with such good environment, nice lectures and classmates.

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Alice Zhang Meng Wan

Segi university can provides me a great opportunity to acquire knowledge of management. Also, I can gain skills of communication and leadership. With the knowledge and skills, I can have better career development

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and strong competition in workplace. I jumped into Segi to study MBA. After graduation of my master's degree, I continue to study a doctoral degree now. I jumped into Segi to study MBA. After graduation of my master's degree, I continue to study a doctoral degree now.

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Angela Chen Haijun


high achiever's scholarship

SEGi's High Achiever's Scholarship (HAS) rewards young people with excellent academic results, with upto full scholarship on tution fees available.

Bumi Grant

Obtain a Diploma from only RM20,400* and enjoy savings worth more than RM10,000 with zero monthly instalment.


*Especially tailored for talented Malaysian athletes who represent the State or the Nation at sporting events.


The SEGi ACE Scholarship rewards applicants with RM500 rebate for every distinction earned for SPM / O Levels / SPTM / A-Levels / UEC.

Be An All-Rounded SEGian.