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Why Choose SEGi ?

Esteemend Industry Advisors And Partners

All efforts carried out by the CoE contribute towards our main goal, which is to deliver a unique and superior tertiary education.

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It is vital constantly improve on the quality of our teaching methods and also programmes offered, hence we currently have the privilege of conceiving esteemed Industry Advisors and Partners to contribute their expertise and knowledge.

Currently, we are working hand-in-hand with major industry players of the industry, with experts from Oracle Workforce Development, Microsoft IT Academy and Apple. These Industry Advisors often meet SEGians through seminars, talk and workshops to keep the students well-informed in regard to the current market trend and needs.

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Our programme provides you with the opportunity to gain accreditation by professional certifications, including Java, Oracle, and EC council.

100% Of Our Graduates

Get employed within a span of 6 months upon graduation.

IT programme that provides articulation of Partner University

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Apple Mac Computer Lab

Located at SEGi Tower, the Mac computers are installed with the latest software programmes for students to familiarise with.

Computer Laboratory of Optimum Technology

A teaching laboratory is adapted for students in collaboration with Huawei - worth over RM400K.

Panapto Lectures

Lectures held in classrooms are able to be recorded so that it can be replayed and retrieved online for later viewing, making it convenient for students who are absent to catch up on what's going on in class.

Our Industry Partners

  • Abertay University (AU) has a long history as one of Scotland’s leading universities. AU has an entrenched reputation for professionalism in offering career-driven higher education. All of AU’s researchers are involved in teaching and developing courses, giving students the chance to learn from the world leaders every day. The University is home to world-leading research teams, whose discoveries are hailed internationally. Abertay researchers are also studying issues as varied as the Scottish economy, food and nutrition science, psychology, computer arts and digital media, and many other topics.
  • Our partnership with Oracle University – Workforce Development Programme (WDP) prepares students to enter the global workforce

Student Testimonials

There are a lot of strategies and tips that I've learnt while doing this programme. No doubt BIT can be challenging, as it is very technical to an extent.

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However, I'm glad that I've chosen SEGI as my starting point.My lecturers are great and the tutorials provided in SEGI has guided me a lot during my learning process here. It is important to maintain a positive mental attitude and believe in your capacity to succeed!

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Cheong Chee Yen

The lecturers at SEGI are relentless at guiding students to achieve excellence throughout the programme. The knowledge and skills taught has helped me obtain the right opportunities to embark on my career journey.

Mohd Syazwan Bin Mohd Hanafie

I chose SEGi University to pursue my higher studies because I managed to get into the programme I chose to study. Moreover, the location is strategic and located close to residential areas with adequate facilities

Aravind A/L Selvakumaran

For an IT student, I believe that SEGi University is the right place for me to do my IT programme. Before I came to SEGi, I have done a lot of research about the IT courses in Malaysia and I felt that SEGi is the best place to study IT because of the facilities provided.

Imesha Surangi Mahagamage


high achiever's scholarship

SEGi's High Achiever's Scholarship (HAS) rewards young people with excellent academic results, with upto full scholarship on tution fees available.

Bumi Grant

Obtain a Diploma from only RM20,400* and enjoy savings worth more than RM10,000 with zero monthly instalment.


*Especially tailored for talented Malaysian athletes who represent the State or the Nation at sporting events.


The SEGi ACE Scholarship rewards applicants with RM500 rebate for every distinction earned for SPM / O Levels / SPTM / A-Levels / UEC.

Be An All-Rounded SEGian.