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At SEGi, you will experience a variety of learning methods including lectures, seminars, workshops, presentations and practical sessions on the job. Enquire now by filling the form below.

Entry Requirements for Business, Accounting & Management Courses @ SEGi

A-Levels / STPM; or
SEGi’s Foundation in Commerce; or
Diploma in Hotel Management / Hospitality Management / Tourism Management; or
Any equivalent qualification
SPM / O-Level / SM2 / UEC (3 credits); or
Any equivalent qualification
SPM / O-Level or equivalent qualification
(Minimum 5 credits in any subjects)

Why Most Students Choose to Study Business, Accounting & Management @SEGi?

Scholarship Oppurtunities

SEGI offers numerous scholarship oppurtunities to their start students, in the shapre of their HIGH Acheivers's Scholarship & Bumi Grant Scheme.

Expansive Academic Coverage

SEGI offers courses at all stages of your tertiary education. Start with your Foundation, move on to your Diploma, ad finish with your Bachelor’s Degree all the same campus

Industry Driven Research

SEGI's syllabus is derived from extensive research done on the current state of the industry, ensuring their students are properly equipped with the relevant skills necessary to succeed in the field

95% Employability

That's right , 95% of SEGI's Bachelors of Business Management graduates are employed within 3 months post-graduation.

Double Degree & 3+0 Programmes

SEGi offers a Double Degree programme, whereby you sign up for 1 course but graduate with 2 parchments, one from SEGi and another from Abertay University of the UK. Additionally, SEGi offer 3+0 programmes which award graduates with degrees from one of their prestigious partner universities in the UK.

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Faculty of Business, Accounting & Management

The programmes aims to produce graduates with a comprehensive knowledge of a range of business fields in accounting, finance, economics, administration and human resource


There are a full collections of reference books on the topic of business and accounting at the library for students to utilise for assignments and examinations.

Computer Laboratory

The computer laboratory at SEGi is equipped with state-of-art and technology to enhance the learning experience and serve as a gateway to access various current resources.

Our Industry Partners

  • Nicolas Rupert Helylett Bloy
    You can be comforted in the knowledge a head of you are cohorts of people now in the workforce who came  through SEGI and they  got a great education at the end of it.
    Nicolas Rupert Helylett Bloy

Student Testimonials

Apart from its strategic location , SEGi attracted me with its innovative financing, making the tuition fees affordable. I am most impressed with

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the facilities such as the electronic library and LMS portal, which is most useful for students to perform research and assignments.

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Max Siew Heng Yew

My experience in SEGi is irreplaceable Its relevant and practical teaching has resulted in unleashing the best potentials in students.

Abdul Habbed Mohamed Raweh

I chose to pursue my studies at SEGi University as I believe SEGi University to be a reputable university. I believe with a degree from a well-known

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university, it will further enhance my opportunity of gaining future employment.

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Yow Cee Varn

I came to know about SEGi University through my seniors in high school. They had graduated from SEGi University and I noticed that they were

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all successful in their careers as SEGi University is well recognised amongst employers in Malaysia which gave them an added advantage. Not wanting to miss out on the same opportunity, I enrolled myself for SEGi’s Bachelor of Accounting programme.

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Lim Foo Ying


high achiever's scholarship

SEGi's High Achiever's Scholarship (HAS) rewards young people with excellent academic results, with upto full scholarship on tution fees available.

Bumi Grant

Obtain a Diploma from only RM20,400* and enjoy savings worth more than RM10,000 with zero monthly instalment.


*Especially tailored for talented Malaysian athletes who represent the State or the Nation at sporting events.


The SEGi ACE Scholarship rewards applicants with RM500 rebate for every distinction earned for SPM / O Levels / SPTM / A-Levels / UEC.

Be An All-Rounded SEGian.