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Biomedical Science encompasses the study of science of that form the basis of medicine and related fields, including scientific laboratory-based knowledge and understanding. Enquire now by filling the form below.

Why Choose SEGi ?

Why SEGi Should be Your First Choice ?

At SEGi University, we ensure that we prepare and nurture our biomedical undergraduates to be career-ready and to meet the demands of the competitive healthcare and research industry.

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Although some of the analytical work may be of a routine nature, many of the tests are challenging and require a keen eye for detail. This includes the ability to provide first class service despite pressure from tight deadlines and a high volume of work. The practical work that the students will undertake will equip them with the skills associated with good laboratory practice which allows them to plan, conduct and evaluate competently, as well as comply with health and safety aspects. The programme also emphasizes on linking knowledge to scientific research where students will be conducting a research project of their own and work towards a desirable outcome. Transferable skills such as analytical and problem-solving skills, computing and the use of biostatistics, data analysis, evaluation and interpretation, project management and organisation, time management and teamwork will be gained throughout the programme. These acquired transferable skills and knowledge will enable the students to shape their subsequent post-graduate studies towards their topic of interest in the future.

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The programme introduces modern laboratory techniques and encourages students to relate what they have learned in class with the latest development in this field.

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Industrial placements are available in hospitals as well as diagnostic laboratories towards the end of the programme.

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Our team of lecturers are passionate educators and readily approachable.


Well-equipped laboratory facilities which include the Anatomy Museum for practical classes.

Inspire Students

Students are inspired creativity and critical mind set in learning with motivation towards higher goals. Arriving at educational crossroad at the end of course to pave the road for desired careers in medical related fields.

Biomedical Practice

Students are equipped with knowledge of bioinformatics, bioethics, legal aspects of biomedical practice, managerial and entrepreneurial skills in order to prepare them for industrial and future challenges.

Our Labs

Our labs offer the best for undergraduate study in multi-disciplinary fields for advanced preparation for future research. Innovation for a culture of research begins early. Students improve understanding of research method and make them more critical in using data.

Art-Physiology Labs

4Students learn the advantages in our state of art- Physiology labs, familiar in operating the instruments and equipment at an early stage.

Best Teaching Methods

Students experience unique and the best teaching methods from well-experienced lecturers and technicians. (To know, to learn and to be educated).

Student Testimonials

I chose to pursue my studies at SEGi University as I sincerely believe that SEGi is able to help me achieve my dream career which is to be a lecturer in the field of biomedical science.

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Moreover, the fee structure here was relatively more affordable as compared to other neighbouring universities which fitted my family’s budget well.

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Chong Min Yi

The reason I choose SEGi is because I am comfortable in SEGi. I feel that all the lecturers and staff here make me to feel as a family here. And another reason is because

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From diploma till my degree I want to be a part of SEGi family, also knowing to be a pure SEGian . So far my experience in SEGi is I feel so vibrant and encouraged. Because SEGi did not let me down. I always believe that no matter how hard it is I can still do my best.

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Jerusha Alethia A/P Francis Xavier

SEGi is convenient number one.Based on my experience in SEGi for this pass few years, I believe that it creates a positive energy surrounding us. SEGi is one

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of the leading private universities in Malaysia. For 30 years, the institute has established itself as the high requirements and standards for the quality of education. And also the wide diversity of foreign students. Furthermore, modern equipment like gym, tennis court, library, laboratories. Most of all the lecturers from my faculty are very helpful. Great experience in teaching here.

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Joel Banner

SEGi is comfortable and convenient studying here. The study environment at SEGi is the best. The lecturers are helpful as studying part goes easy. Overall, it is a good experience for me being at SEGi all this while.

Loshni A/P Thanabalan

Be An All-Rounded SEGian.